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This is My Story

I’m a dreamer, creator, free spirit, artist, writer, dancer, lover of colour, beauty, rainbows, the ocean, natural healing, spirituality, and of course gemstones!

I had something of a nomadic upbringing – born in Melbourne, Australia, my mother (who always claimed to have gypsy blood) would uproot my brother and I on a regular basis to go travelling/living around Australia in a beat up old station wagon. Often doing eeny meeny miny mo to see which way we wanted to go and settling there for a period of time.

This penchant for travel and the bohemian lifestyle continued in my veins as I got older, where I visited many countries and explored exotic locations and cultures, settling in Hawaii for a few years, which only consolidated my love for the Bohemian way of life. Along the way I was drawn to various gemstones and crystals and became an avid collector of these gorgeous stones and subtle energies contained within. Thus the idea to create “Bohemian Princess” was born out of a desire to share a unique selection of bohemian inspired gemstone jewellery with others. I seek to provide only the highest quality stones in my collections, working with designers, jewellery artisans & gemstone suppliers from around the world; from right here in Australia, to Arizona, India and the Caribbean, always looking for that special piece that will connect with its rightful owner.

My selection includes beautiful stones such as; amethyst, moonstone, lapis lazuli, garnet, larimar, topaz, agate, jade, onyx, quartz and amazonite. Each piece carefully handcrafted and adorned with unique details… each fit for a princess.